CAP 2.7

Distribution is a complex, ever-changing environment with difficult daily operational challenges. Because of this, distributors can reap huge benefits by using well-designed solutions to streamline business processes and provide actionable business intelligence. Generic accounting software doesn’t offer the sophisticated inventory tracking and pricing that distributors need. To overcome this, wholesalers often feel they have no choice but to step up to ERP packages designed for large companies which are often too complex, require extensive training and implementation, and are very expensive. Distribution software system provides such a solution for its umpteen customers.

  • Real time inventory information on movement and valuation
  • Accurate inventory quantity information on location
  • Manage product characteristic and specification information
  • Suggest products reorder to simplify your purchasing tasks
  • Accurate and Real time Financial information
  • Instantaneous Customer and Supplier Outstanding and Ageing Reports
  • Functionalities
  • Single User, Double User & Multi User
  • Multi Currency, Multi branch
  • Easy and flexible to operate
  • Highly robust and secure to prevent pilferage and fraud.
  • 100% audit of all operations.
  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.
  • ADD on Features
  • Budget Management System
  • Online technology
  • Hand held device integration