Crusher and Quarry Management Software

Marshal is the software system designed and developed for crushers and quarry units to organize their operations like inventory, payroll (Wage), accounts, vehicle management, store management and manufacturing. Each aspect is treated with a view to make the reports comprehensive and data entry relevant. The modules are explained for its features and finesse.

Inventory aspects like purchase and sale are taken into consideration in this module. It includes entry screens for purchase (in case of outside purchase of soling and sale). Stock journal is also maintained. Purchase sale and stock reports are generated. The system is GST compatible and statutory reports for filing GST are integrated.

The payroll module specifically deals with salaried employees and those who have been paid daily. Attendance is marked and advance payment, overtime, incentives and loans are taken into consideration for doing weekly and monthly settlement. An employee performance analysis report could also be generated.

Bio-metric device integration and driver cleaner Bata calculation and settlement are among the features of the module. Financial Accounting module includes schedule master, account master, receipt voucher, payment voucher, journal voucher, opening balance entry as data entry forms and daybook, cash book, ledger, schedule wise ledger, trial balance, schedule wise trial balance, trading account, balance sheet, profit /loss account as reports.

Vehicle statutory certificate renewal reminders (for tax, registration, pollution etc.), vehicle running expense and income, tyre resoling, mileage calculation with regard to fuel, company vehicle and rental vehicle trip sheets, machinery(heavy earth moving and crusher specific) usage report are the aspects vehicle management module deal with. Store management module is concerned with purchase of spare parts of vehicle, fuel and tyre. Stock issue, stock register, stock value report are part of this and the module holds much importance in the environment of GST.

Stock transfer from crusher to production (hollow bricks) unit, hollow bricks production entry, hollow bricks production measurement settings are the entry forms dedicated to the manufacturing module and the production (hollow bricks manufacturing)report is the respective report regarding manufacturing.

Acumen Technologies has released many versions of “Marshal” over the years and currently Marshal 3.2 is in business. The tested and trusted Marshal 3.2 has become the lifeline of many a crushers in Kerala. Online version of “Marshal” is available. Onsite and remote or online support could be had by the client.

Supported Business
  • Crusher and Quarry Management
  • Functionalities
  • Single User, Double User & Multi User
  • 100% data security and accuracy
  • Tried & Tested (100% error free)
  • Multi Currency, Multi branch
  • Any reports printing from anywhere
  • Easy and flexible to operate
  • Margin Statements
  • Highly robust and secure to prevent pilferage and fraud.
  • 100% audit of all operations.
  • Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Higher Operational Efficiency
  • Analyze competition and help formulate strategies to win against them.
  • Increase revenue per square feet.
  • Low operating cost
  • Profile Customers, build Customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.
  • Get accurate information to take critical business decisions.
  • Configurable to suit business processes, policies and operating procedures.